Tacos in the Sky

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Summer is fleeting, and this summer has no doubt been a little chaotic. While it is still VERY important to remember Coronavirus is still a thing, it is still possible to go out and support Richmond’s businesses while following the CDC’s safety guidelines.

 We had the pleasure of getting a sneak peak of Kabana Rooftop’s management makeover and what special things they have going on. And if you haven’t heard, they are teaming up with their neighbors at Soul Taco for a delicious summer menu, and we were able to try it all! We felt fancy AF sitting in our summer outfits we thought we’d never be able to wear, sipping on Instagrammable cocktails on a rooftop high atop the city.

Our personal recommendation from Kabana’s bar is their “Flor de los Bolivia” cocktail ($2 off during happy hour) which is a mixture of Hibiscus, Rujero Singani, Rosé, and orange. Our favorite snack from Soul Taco was their pork belly skewer. But what we really appreciated was their commitment to keeping the area a safe space by giving everyone their own booth, requiring masks while inside and on all their staff, and it just being an entirely open-air environment. To prevent overcrowding they require guests to reserve their space online before arriving. So if you want to safely enjoy a happy hour in an open air rooftop 20 floors above the ground with 3 tacos in your hand, Kabana is the way to go!

Check out the scene yourself at Kabana’s happy hour, every Wednesday through Sunday 4pm-11pm. Specials include $2 off beer, wine by the glass, and cocktails. Their drinks are accompanied by a banging menu from soul taco with items such as lobster empanadas and pork belly & watermelon skewers. 

Thanks to Kabana Rooftop for providing food and drinks for the evening.

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Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide

In case you haven’t looked at a calendar lately, or mom hasn’t already reminded you, Father’s Day is THIS Sunday, June 21. Don’t miss your chance to thank daddio for embarrassing you for the majority of your life and more importantly, for being a great parent. So if you’re still holding out on a gift for your favorite faja, here are a few ideas that are still available in the Richmond-area.

Quality Cuts of Meat from Belmont Butchery – price will vary
Summertime also means grilling season, and if your dad loves his top of the line grill more than you then get him something quality to cook on it. Belmont Butchery has a wide variety of meats from ribeye to house made bratwurst.

Father’s Day Gift Set from Rappahannock Oyster Co. – $120 + tax
Is dad more of a rivah guy? Commemorate his love for all things salty and briny with a gift set from your favorite local purveyor of oysters. Included in the set is 2 dozen oysters and a 6-pack of beer (among other things), so you can guarantee he’ll be happy as a clam (or oyster 😄) .

D.A.D. Day Kit from Perk! Bon Air – $20
Want a sweet treat for your sweet guy? Give your dad the jolt he needs with the local’s favorite Blanchard’s coffee and homemade chocolate chip cookies. The two make a perfect pair, just like you and your dad. Gluten Free and Vegan options available!

RVA Happy Hours At-Home Kit – $30
What kind of a blog post would this be if we didn’t do some self promotion. This is for the dads who don’t want to go through all the effort to get the ingredients to make the perfect drink. And best of all, everything in the kit is made made in Richmond! Use the code code “POP” at checkout for $5 off!